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Three Steps to Become a Better Trainer

Become a Better Trainer As trainers and facilitators, your goal is to take command of the room, show enthusiasm for your content and keep learners captivated through dynamic facilitation skills and strong body language. However, when reality hits with unreasonable workloads, tight deadlines and ever-changing curriculum, it’s impossible to memorize new content. This creates stress …

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Free Webinar: Develop Engaging Technical Presentations

Develop and Deliver Technical Presentations that Get Results August 26, 2020 at 2 p.m. EasternTechnical presentations are often confusing and contain too much information. Presenters tend to include spreadsheets or images the audience can’t read, and never identify why or how the information is of value.  This month’s webinar will help you… Save time by kicking …

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Free Webinar: How to Lead a Productive Online Meeting

Tips to Lead a Productive Online Meeting   Tuesday, April 24 at noon Eastern You always want your meetings to be productive, engaging and informative. However, many companies are turning to online meetings as a more cost-effective way to communicate.  If you’ve attempted to make the switch, you’ve likely discovered that leading online meetings poses a …

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