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How to Deliver a Busy Slide

  When you guide your attendees through a busy slide, you will be more successful, and help them to make better business decisions. Let’s talk about how we can coach your professional online or face-to-face to look and sound dynamic for all types of communications, online, seated or standing. Set up your 30-minute assessment meeting …

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Presentation Skills Tips to Tell Your Technical Story

Developing and delivering technical presentations: The thought alone brings blank stares, yawns and drooping eye lids from most. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Transforming dull data by telling your technical story will make your information more relatable and keep your audience focused and engaged. The following tips will help you accomplish these …

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Technical Communications: From Dreadful to Dynamic

Your technical meetings can be exciting and eye-opening if you prepare your content correctly. Download our step-by-step Get FIT (Financial, Informative, Technical) content development worksheet (PDF) to learn how to get out of the weeds and get to the point. Download the Get FIT Format Worksheet Set up a 30-minute assessment meeting now Four Steps …

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