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Presentation Skills Tips to Credibility and Confidence

Three Tips to Confident and Credible Presentations   Tomorrow is the big day. You’re going to deliver a presentation to the management team. While you’re excited about your recommendation, the thought of standing up and presenting leaves you feeling more than a little nervous. What if you forget what to say? Where will you stand? …

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Presentation Skills for High-Impact Introductions

How to Develop Dynamic Presentations In order to deliver dynamic presentations, you need to kick your presentation off with a high-impact introduction. The way you start your presentation determines whether or not your audience will listen to what you have to say, believe in you or will buy into your ideas. In the following video, …

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Presentation Skills Video: The 5 Second Steal

Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation Skills with the 5 Second Steal   Have you ever been in the middle of a presentation and suddenly lose your train of thought? It’s not uncommon. People tell me all the time that they’ll be going through their content, then BOOM! They have no idea what to say next. Check …

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