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Ten Tips for Online Meetings

Ten Tips for Online Meetings Meeting online has become fundamental to team collaboration, training, project management, and business growth. While most of us are used to going on webcam and screen sharing, there is still a lot of room for improvement. It’s time to stop muddling through online meetings, get organized, and be more productive …

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Number One Skill to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Improve Your Presentation Skills Today If you want to improve your presentation skills by calming your nerves, appearing more confident and demonstrating conviction for your content, I have good news. There is one skill that you can practice in everyday communication that will help you shine during your next high-profile communication. The answer? Eye contact. …

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Communication Training: Transform Your Style in 60 Seconds

Transform Your Style with these Communication Training Techniques When you attend a trade show or educational conference, your goal is to leave every session with something tangible. You’re looking for skills that you can immediately implement when you return to work. That’s exactly what Sheri Jeavons delivered during the  SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Expo …

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Presentation Training Video

Presentation Training Tips to Avoid Running out of Breath Looking for public speaking tips? You have to breathe when you’re giving a presentation. It revitalizes you and helps you remember what to say.  There are so many times I’ll be coaching someone and at the end of their presentation, they’ll take a big, deep breath. …

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