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Sales Presentation Skills

Sales Presentation Skills to Close More Sales Are you a sales professional looking to create a competitive edge? When your products and services are similar to those of your competitors, it’s up to you, the sales professional, to stand out with stellar sales presentation skills. In this 90-second video, Sheri Jeavons reveals tips to kick …

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Five Tips to Improve Listening Skills

Techniques to Improve Listening Skills Effective communication requires both speaking and listening. While most people have the speaking part down; few have mastered the art of listening. Even if you think you’re an expert listener, consider these alarming research findings: On average, viewers who watch and listen to the evening news can only recall 17 …

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Improve Your Business Communication Skills: Respond to Challenging Problems

Improve Your Business Communication Skills: Respond to Challenging Problems   We’ve all been caught off guard with tough questions or problems that require an immediate solution. If you’re like many of the people I talk to,  you lack the business communication skills required to offer solutions on the fly, particularly in a delicate situation. Even …

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How to Not Be Nervous for a Presentation

Afraid of Public Speaking? Learn to Control Your Fear   I’m often asked how to not be nervous for a presentation. It’s one of the biggest issues I hear about from clients. They are simply afraid to give a presentation. Standing up in front of a group makes their heart pound, hands sweat and knees …

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How to Shorten Your Business Meeting

Five Secrets to Shorten Your Business Meeting and Get Your Recommendations Approved   Have you ever wondered why some people can go into an important business meeting and get their agenda or recommendations approved quickly and easily, while you can barely get the person or team you’re interacting with to take notice of your ideas? …

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