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Presentation Tips: How to Edit Your Content

How to determine what information is most important Question submitted from one of our members: I have 45 minutes to give a presentation that has two days worth of information. How do I determine what to put in and what to leave out? Sheri’s Response: Editing is very challenging when you are personally involved. Ask yourself these …

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Presentation Tips: Techniques for Natural Gestures and Body Language

How to gesture naturally despite your nervousness Question submitted from one of our members:  When I give a standing presentation, I feel really uncomfortable and don’t know what to do with my hands. Can you share any tips?   Sheri’s Response: It can be difficult to gesture naturally when you are nervous. It’s important to create …

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Condense Your Content for Effective Presentations

How to condense your presentation Question Submitted from one of our members: What should I do if I arrive for a meeting and my timeframe has been cut from one hour to 30 minutes? Sheri’s Response: It’s very common to have your presentation time cut drastically. Here’s how you can cope and keep your cool: …

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Should You Use a Laser Pointer During a Business Presentation?

Question submitted from one of our members: It seems that using a laser pointer is popular in our company.  What is your opinion on laser pointers? Sheri’s Response: I agree, lots of people like to use laser pointers, however, I don’t like them. I have yet to see someone use the laser pointer effectively. It …

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Presentation Training: Breathing Techniques

How to properly breathe during a presentation. . . Question submitted from one of our members: For the most part I like giving presentations. Every so often I get going and I can feel myself running out of breath. By the time I finish my presentation, I’m gasping for air. How can I catch my …

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