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Presentation Tips: Guidelines for PowerPoint Slides

I often receive questions about guidelines for PowerPoint slides and how they should be used.  Some people believe PowerPoint is simply an awful tool.  I maintain that the problem is not with the tool or the technology but with how the presenter uses it. It will be a distraction if you cram a bunch of …

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How to Pitch an Idea: Cut the Clutter and Get to YES!

Learn What Executives Want to Hear: How to Pitch an Idea Getting recommendations approved in this virtual landscape is more challenging than ever. The way you structure and present your ask will make or break your pitch. Follow these four steps to cut the clutter and get to YES! What you should say first. Do …

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Prep Your Attendees: Set up Breakout Rooms (Video)

Whether you use Zoom, WebEx, Teams or any other platform, learning to set up breakout rooms is more than clicking buttons. Yes, you need to know how to manage your tech, but it’s just as important to manage your attendees’ expectations. Sending a group of confused professionals to a breakout room with unclear instructions defeats …

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Four Reasons to Turn Off Your Webcam According to Stanford Research

Until now, “Zoom Fatigue” has only been an excuse for how tired we feel. Thanks to Professor Jeremy Bailenson, founding director of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab, we know it’s real, we know why, and we know what to do about it. Here are the four reasons video conferencing is wearing us out: Too …

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Online Communication Skills For Live Online Training

Improve Your Online Communication Skills Increase Your Learner’s Retention by Putting Them in the Driver’s Seat Many of you are transitioning from face-to-face training to live online training and could use some help with your online communication skills. While it’s easy to focus on the limitations of technology and how disconnected you feel from your …

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