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Communication Training: Transform Your Style in 60 Seconds

Transform Your Style with these Communication Training Techniques When you attend a trade show or educational conference, your goal is to leave every session with something tangible. You’re looking for skills that you can immediately implement when you return to work. That’s exactly what Sheri Jeavons delivered during the  SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Expo …

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Three Steps to Become a Better Trainer

Become a Better Trainer As trainers and facilitators, your goal is to take command of the room, show enthusiasm for your content and keep learners captivated through dynamic facilitation skills and strong body language. However, when reality hits with unreasonable workloads, tight deadlines and ever-changing curriculum, it’s impossible to memorize new content. This creates stress …

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Question and Answer: Four Steps to Manage a Challenging Q&A Session

Maintain Your Credibility: Four Steps to Manage a Challenging Question and Answer Session Even after you’ve delivered a great presentation, a tough question and answer session can impact your credibility and deflate your confidence. But when the questions get difficult, you can still keep your cool and come out looking more knowledgeable than ever if …

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Three Tips to Improve Your Executive Presence

Do you want to appear more credible during meetings or when proposing ideas to decision makers? Learning to improve your executive presence will increase your confidence and help you stand out from the crowd. Your executive presence is impacted by many facets of your professional brand. This includes how you look, your attitude, what you …

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Business Presentation Training: Sell Your Ideas with Sensational Content

Business Presentation Training: Sell Your Ideas with Sensational Content When people are trying to write great content for their presentations, they often become “stuck” and feel overwhelmed by the fact that they have too much information for the time allotted. They often put off writing their presentation, then scramble at the last minute to throw …

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