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Inaugural Flub

It is likely that Tuesday’s inauguration will be one of the most-viewed inaugurations of all time.  There were plenty of amazing, emotional moments along the way.  However, now that the dust settled, what’s still in the headlines?  Chief Justice John Roberts’ error while reciting the oath.  It was recently reported that he was working without …

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Presentation Training: Focus on What’s in it for Them

It’s All About Them I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “What’s in it for me?”. And you realize that when you listen to a presentation, you pay attention to the parts that have value for you. So… when you develop a presentation, do you think about your audience and what information is most beneficial to them? …

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New Year’s Resolution

I can’t count the number of times I’ve met people who are so terrified to give presentations that it actually holds them back in their careers. They may miss out on a promotion, not apply for a new position, or avoid jobs all together because a small part of the responsibilities includes giving presentations. If …

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Executive Presence: Key to Interviewing

As I listen to the news and hear about all the layoffs, I can’t help but think about how important job interview skills are.  With such a tight job market, the way you present yourself during an interview is what will make you stand out from the pack. Here are a few tips that you …

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Communicate to Ease Fears

With the current economic situation, I’ve heard a lot from managers and team leaders about how their team is distracted by all the negative news. They’re looking for ways to help manage the fear and to keep their team focused on the work at hand.  I tell these individuals that the number one thing they …

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