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Two Minutes to Stop Saying “Umm” and Other Non-Words [Video]

How do you stop saying “umm” and other non-words? Whether you communicate online or in person, help is here!  Watch Sheri’s step-by-step instructions to start increasing your credibility today. Communication Training for Your Professionals Let’s talk about how we can coach your professional online or face-to-face to look and sound dynamic for all types of …

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Level-set any meeting with this 90-second kickoff [video and worksheet]

Meeting Kickoff: How to Level-Set the Room in 90 Seconds You need your meetings to run smoothly and for all attendees to understand why they are there. Often, professionals jump right into their content without properly setting expectations or outlining why the meeting is important. Use this step-by-step meeting kickoff to level-set the room, with …

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A “Duct Tape” Approach to Hybrid Meeting Audio

Hybrid Meeting Audio: When resources are tight and demand is high, here’s how to make it work   You’ve been tasked with running hybrid meetings and will use rooms that typically have a projection unit but no audio options. What do you do? How do you ensure that the 3 people online can engage with …

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Up-Level Your Online Training: Latest Trends [Video]

How can you up-level your existing online training and achieve the five-star ratings your content deserves? While your online training checks all the boxes, you know there’s room for more engagement, collaboration and accountability. Online training has evolved dramatically since Covid first began. During this three-minute video, Sheri reveals: What guarantees a five-star rating for …

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Hybrid Meetings are Here to Stay: Four Tips to Ensure Success

As our “new normal” continues to shift, providing employees with flexible work is no longer optional. Hybrid meetings, where some are together in a conference room and others join remotely, are here to stay. It’s not enough to place a speakerphone in the middle of the table, leaving remote attendees feeling isolated and unheard. Running …

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