Join Sheri Jeavons at the ATD 2018 International Conference & Expo in San Diego, CA. Come celebrate ATD’s 75th anniversary with opening keynote speaker, President Barack Obama!


Her educational session, Three Techniques to Increase Your Impact During High-Profile Meetings, takes place on May 6 at 11:45 a.m.


During this interactive session, you’ll learn the number one technique to demonstrate physical command of the room, four roles you can take to facilitate conversations to move meetings to action, and a three-step process to start your meeting by stating common goals.


Volunteers will receive personalized coaching to transform their communication style, allowing everyone to witness on-the-spot improvement and actionable techniques to immediately implement during their next high-profile meeting.


Application on the Job:

  • Implement a 3-step process to kick-off any meeting in 90 seconds
  • Identify your role in meetings to increase participation
  • Create strong connections through enhanced body language


After this session, you’ll return to work with techniques you can immediately implement to stand out, be seen as a leader, and make sure your voice is heard.


Register to attend today and don’t miss this fun and interactive session!

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