Join Sheri Jeavons on May 17, 2018 at the ATD Greater Cleveland Chapter Meeting and learn how to Get Your Recommendations Approved in Ten Minutes or Less.


As corporate trainers and educators, you are responsible for a lot more than just conducting training. One of your biggest challenges is getting management to approve new technologies, new programming or additional resources. How do you convince others to spend money when resources are tight? Attend this session and learn how to get to YES, whether you have time to prepare your communication or not.


During this hands-on, interactive session, Sheri Jeavons will introduce two content development formats:

  1. The five-step Ten-Minute Solution Process will help you prepare for more formal asks. Whether you’re seated around a table or standing in front of a group, this process will help you concisely communicate the value of your recommendation and gain approval in ten minutes or less.
  2. But not every ask is formal. What if you’re in a meeting and someone says they don’t think your new LMS is a priority this year? What do you do on the fly with no notes, no visuals and no prep? How do you sell them on your idea? Sheri will also review our Impromptu Format, which will help you organize your thoughts on the fly and respond calmly when the pressure is on.


To ensure you leave this session with a firm understanding of how to implement these techniques, you’ll work on solutions to a real-life, challenging problem. Sheri will conduct a mini-workshop to help you develop your content. You’ll then present your recommendations to two colleagues and discuss possible solutions.


In addition, Sheri will take volunteers and provide on-the-spot coaching for body language and physical delivery skills to ensure you look as good as you sound.


Your success as a trainer hinges on getting the funds you need to implement your ideas and ultimately create better leaders. You’ll leave this session with the tools you need to accomplish exactly that.


Register to attend today and don’t miss this fun and interactive session!

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